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Metaverse, Metaverse, a virtual real estate exchange that connects Meta Live and the real economy

December 14, 2021

Media : ITV


메타렉스 운영사 티에스네트 강봉준 대표와 메타라이브 운영사 오썸피아의 협약식, 아스터엔진 개발사 텐스페이스 고진석 대표와 메타커머스 부문 오픈피피엘 이경옥 대표 등 4개사가 함께 메타버스 얼라이언스를 구축했다.

Four companies, including Bong-Jun Kang, CEO of TSnet, the Metarex operator, and Awesomepia, the operator of Meta Live, established the Metaverse Alliance together.


TSnet (CEO Kang Bong-Jun), which operates Metarex, the world's first real-economy interlocking virtual real estate exchange, has started discussions with Awesomepia (CEO Min Mun-ho) to start a business connection with Meta Live, a real-time extended reality metaverse platform. announced on the 14th.

Metarex has recently established itself as a native virtual real estate exchange called 'Earth 2' in Korea, and has strengthened its competitiveness through cooperation with Awesomepia's Meta Live, known as the extended reality metaverse, through commercialization that links the real economy.

Interlocking the real economy means that, just as real estate in the real world has a business plan and is commercialized through implementation, financing, and construction, it is possible to commercialize it through the same process within Metarex.

For example, Mr. A purchases land near Gangnam Station from Metarex, builds a business plan to build and operate a building that can hold conferences and forums, etc. It will be possible to collect money by constructing and operating a virtual building, or by reselling it at a high price, including business rights, to recover the investment.

In addition, all economic activities of Metarex's virtual real estate transaction and construction and business operation in Meta Live can be settled only with Astercoin (listed on ATC, BitGlobal, and Hanbitco), so This means that a real economic ecosystem is being built. 
In addition, by securitizing the virtual real estate of OpenPL and Metarex, which are already in a cooperative relationship, with Aster Coin (ATC), he announced that he will soon start the first project where ordinary investors can participate in monetization with a small amount.


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