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Daejin University, Asomepia and Metaverse convergence contents R&D MOU

December 11, 2021

Media : Korea Economic Daily

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Students and professors who have experienced extreme social isolation due to the prolonged corona crisis are using video and video conferencing, but are complaining of 'Zoom Fatigue' with limited presence.

Daejin University in Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do (President Young-moon Lim) overcame this reality and exchanged academic research with Awesomepia, a metaverse platform company (CEO Min Moon-ho), in the guest room of the main building of Daejin University on the afternoon of the 10th to overcome this reality and become a university leading the metaverse. signed an agreement for

The two organizations announced that they would promote mutual development and establish a practical cooperative system through human resource exchange by conducting cooperative research focusing on ICT (information and cognitive technology) cultural convergence, such as planning and producing metaverse contents and XR convergence contents.


The signing ceremony was attended by representatives from Daejin University, including President Lim Young-moon, Vice President Kim Ki-hyun, Awesomepia CEO Min Moon-ho, Daejin University Industry-University Cooperation Foundation Koh Koh, Su-ji Moon, Professor Jeon Mi-ae, and Media Communication Professor Yong-jun Lee. At the signing ceremony, it was agreed to contribute to the development of the two institutions as well as the regional economy and cultural development through research tasks and joint R&D related to the metaverse.


Awesomepia is a representative company that develops and provides advanced ICT technologies such as DATA, NETWORK, and AI based on XR (Virtual Convergence Technology) that has evolved from VR/AR.



Representative business fields include live metaverse platform, XR telescope BORA distribution, digital healthcare, VR/AR realistic content production, etc.


LIVE METAVERSE is a platform that combines real-time on-site images and virtual space. Real-time images are collected with an XR (extended reality) telescope installed in local tourist attractions, and the images are naturally synthesized in virtual space.

Awesomepia Co., Ltd. plans to introduce the 'Beautiful Daejin University Campus', a metaverse campus created together with students to actively communicate with students who have difficult campus experiences due to COVID-19.

In the metaverse content, you can see the real-time appearance of tourist attractions in a virtual space and feel a more vivid sense of presence.


In the metaverse, you can enjoy real-time views of local tourist attractions such as Daejin University campus, wavy Jeju beach, Gangwon Seoraksan Mountain with superb autumn leaves, and snowy Jeonju Hanok Village.


You can also check the current weather and conditions of tourist destinations and plan an instant trip.


Mun-ho Min, CEO of Awesomepia Co., Ltd., said, “I am delighted to start with Daejin University to promote mutual exchange and development between the two institutions. Furthermore, I hope that it will contribute to the vitalization of tourism in the Gyeonggi region.”


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